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Favrodil capsule

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Favrodil capsule:

Favordil capsule is the combination of cardiac tonic. antilipidemic, anti angina, diuretic, tranquilizers and anti hypertensive drugs. Favordil capsule is very effective for all type of heart related disorders. 

•  Control cholesterol Levels in the blood. It modulates the lipid profile 
•  Produce Sound sleep, relieves the stress and control the blood pressure 
•  Supports healthy pumping action of heart as welt as in maintaining regular heartbeat 
•  Promoting coronary artery health and integrity
•  Supporting healthy energy Levels 


Myocardiat infarction, Angina, Coronary artery disease, (CAD) Heart failure, hyperchotesterolemia. Hypertension 

2 Capsule twice a day with water or as directed by the physician 


Each Capsule Contains 

Arjuna Ext. (Terminatia arjuna)                                          80mg

Abharak bhasma (Mica)                                                      10mg
Haridra Ext. (Curcuma Longa)                                            20mg
Amala Ext (Emblica offkinale)                                            50mg
Punarnava Ext. (Boerrtiavia diffusa)                                  30mg
Methi Ext. (Tngonella foenum graceum)                         30mg
Sarpagandha(Rauwotfea serpentine)                               20mg
Lasun (Atlium sativum)                                                       30mg
Akik bhasma                                                                         15mg
Jaharmohara khatai pisti                                                    10mg
Mukata pisti (Pearl)                                                             5mg
Satavan (Asparagus racemosus)                                        20mg
Suddha guggulu (Commiphora Mukut)                            20mg
Excipients                                                                               Q.S. 

Packing :

30 Tablet in HDPE Bottles 

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