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Cytocruel capsule

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Cytocruel capsule:
Ayukalp manufactured cytocruet capsule for treating in different type of bening. malignant and degenerative conditions. Cytocruet capsule is the excellent combination of anti neoplasic, tissue promoting and anti inflammatory precious herbo mineralS. Cytocruet capsule is very useful in detect in earlier in primary stage its curable In some type of cancer. 

•   A successful herbal formulation in boosting the immune system
•   It helps to reduce complications that arise In conventional therapies and increase the bodys tolerance towards radiotherapy and     chemotherapy 
•   Improve the bodys ability to fight cancer
•   Best Ayurvedic medicine for Cancer
•   Reduces abnormal tissue growth
•   Heats chronic wounds & gangrene
•   Promotes regeneration and strengthens the body.
•   Treats inflammatory conditions 


Primary carcinoma, abnormal tissue growth, immune disorders, degenerative conditions, chronic wounds and gangrene, tuberculosis, body degeneration.

Pregnancy and Lactation:

Not to be taken during Pregnancy or during Lactation. 


Each Capsul Contains 

Servewa parpati                                                               14.4mg
Suvarna bhasrna (Gold oxide)                                        3.6mg
Ras kapoo (Mercury sulphide)                                       14.4mg
Swet mrich (Piper album)                                               42mg
Abhrak biasma (Mica)                                                     1.2mg
Punamava Ext. (Boerhavia diffusa)                                25mg
Yashtamadhu Ext. ( Gtycyntiiza glabra)                         25mg
Vas.aka Ext. (Adhatod.a vasica)                                       25mg
Hfrak bhasma (Diamond oxide)                                      0.3mg
Ras sindoor (!erros oxide)                                               14.4mg
Tamra bhasma (Copper oxide)                                        27.6mg
Lavang (Syzygium aromaticum)                                       21.6mg
Panna bhasma (Emerald oxide)                                      0.5mg
Saragava Ext. (Moringa Oteitera)                                    25mg
Rohitak chhat Ext. (Tecomma undulate)                        25mg
Guduchi Ext. (Tinospora codifotla)                                  25mg
Excipients                                                                            Q.S. 

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