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Acikalps Syrup

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Acikalp Syrup:

Acikaip syrup can be of great help in curing this Acidity. Acikalp syrup Is an effective and safe herbal formulation which treats to neutralize increased acidic content in the body, which Leads to Loss of appetite and different problems. Acikalp syrup is increases bile secretion and digestive enzyme stimulating action. 

•   Perform a neutralization reaction, increasing the PH to reduce acidity in the stomach
•   Prevents and relieves heartburn associated with acid indigestion and sour stomach
•   Removes excess of Pitta so it relieves burning sensation in urinary system
•   Reduces alt type of abdominal discomfort
•   For reLief from abdominal discomfort in the posto perative period
•   Helps in digestion by exerting carminative, antiftatulent and antacid actions 


Quick relief in Gastric & Digestion problem. Useful in Hyperacidity & Gastric Ulcer, Peptic Ulcer Heart Burn, Flatulence, Vomiting due to acidity, Headache due to excess pitta. 

2 teaspoonful with plain water after meal, two or three times a day or in the symptoms of acidity or as advised by the Packing physician 200 ml in Pet Bottle 


Each 5ml Contains Extracts of 

Triphala                                                                  10mg
Trikatu                                                                    15mg
Yavan. (Apium leptophytlum)                            05mg
Draksha (Vitis Vinifera)                                        20mg                    
Bhrinqra (Eclipta atba)                                        10mg
Chitrakmoot (Plumbago indica)                         15mg
Swet ,jeera (Cuminum cyminum)                      20mg
Papita (Carica papaya)                                         05mg
Yastimadhu (Glycyrthiza glabra)                         50mg    
Trivrut (Opercutina turpenthum)                      10mg
Sajikhar                                                                  10mg
Excipient, colour caramel, syrup base                Q.S.

200ml In Pet Bottle

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